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Anyone who knew about Ramayana definitely knows about lord Hanuman who is a great devotee of Rama. He is responsible for the liberation of Sita and he is the one who burnt Lanka to ashes. In the end Goddesses, Sita blessed him that he would remain till the end of time. Now he is one of the most famous God among Hindus and is worshiped for his humility, courage, strength and Valor.

When Meghnad, son of Ravana hit Lakshmana with an arrow he felt unconscious, Sushena asked to rush to Dronagiri hills and bring four medical plants. When Hanuman reached the hill he couldn’t judge the right plant so he lifted the entire hill and took it to Sushena who picked the right plants and save Lakshamana from the jaws of death. Hanuman alone flew over a sea to reach Lanka and give a message to Sita from Rama.

So, Hanuman was able to do all the traveling alone without any harm. But nowadays we travel on the roads beside death and never know when someone might hit us or who might fall under our cars. We should always be careful because many people are killed by road accidents. Even though you are good at driving and follow all the rules other people can bring harm to you.

By placing a Divya Mantra orange flying hanuman in your car we will be blessed by the Lord Hanuman with spiritual protection in our journeys. While driving you will feel positive and never lose your senses. The Divya Mantra Flying Hanuman Car Mirror Hanging Decoration is made with one of the best quality of plastics and is orange in color. A fine thread is attached to it so that it can be hung inside the car and looks divine and beautiful look to the car.

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