Significance of Feng Shui Horse

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  • There are 12 zodiac animal symbols in Chinese calendar
  • Horse is placed in the 7th position.
  • There are 5 types of horse with different characteristics.
  • Types of horse wood,fire,earth,gold,water.
  • The people belonging from horse year are very active energetic and crowd loving.
  • The feng shui horse are placed in living room or main hall of the house.
  • Feng shui horse represents .speed,power,stamina,success,victory,fame,perseverance,strength,vigor passion.
  • Horse if placed in the office can welcome goodwill authority ad give strength to your power bring aggression to your business.
  • It should be kept in north or northwest pair of white galloping horse.

Avoid horse

    1. Made of leather
    2. Sad ,angry or fighting ones
    3. Placing in toilet, bathroom or kitchen
    4. Incomplete ,abstract, segmented image

Types of horse

    • Galloping horse,feng shui golden horse
    • Feng shui fly atop horse ,feng shui pair of tribute horse

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