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Lord Shiva is considered one of the principle Gods of Hinduism. It is also believed that Shiva is the "destroyer and transformer." A Shivling is also called the Shivam. The Shivam or the Shivling is seen as the symbol of the energy and potential of Shiva himself. To describe the shape of the exact structure of a Shivling, it can be said, that it is a column like or oval shaped structure, mostly made of metal, stone or clay.
Shivling is one of the most significant things that one can always carry with themselves. At times, it is highly recommended that a person uses the Shivling to help please one of the principle gods of the Hindu mythologies. There are various reasons why the Shivling holds a special role in each and everyone's life.
The significance of the Shivling:
1. The Shivling is believed to be the form of Shiva, which means that playing the Shivling is equivalent to praying to the almighty himself. The devotees of Baba Bholenath, another name for Lord Shiv, have from time immemorial been offering their prayers to the Shivling.
2. The Shivling is believed to provide the true followers and devotees with all their desires. Lord Bholenath is believed to be very kind on those who happens to be his loyal devotees.
3. Carrying a symbol of the Shivling, like a bracelet or a pendant, while one is moving out of the house is good, as it is believed that Lord Shiva would then protect the person from any mishap.
4. Always keeping a Shivling in body contact would help one stay away from ill health and all other such negative aspects of life.
These are some of the most important and significant significance of the Shivling. The Shivling is one of the most effective mythological jewelry that you can wear to keep yourself safe and secure.

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