WOOP Face Mask with Pocket, Washable Reusable 100% Cotton Face Masks Health Protection n Skin Care Unisex Mouth Filter Eco Friendly Facemask, Hand Made in India, Mud & Pollution Dust Cover - SET OF 3

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✔️ LIGHT WEIGHT: Very light weight and soft on skin.
✔️ MATERIAL: 100% Natural Cotton used for making high end yoga apparel.
✔️ VERY COMFORTABLE: Feels soft with feather touch comfort on skin just like the way your favorite gym top.
✔️ WELL MADE: Stitched borders with same fabric to give a WOW factor. ONE SIZE FITS ALL ADULTS AND TEENAGERS: The three dimensional design and the universal size of 8 inches X 5 inches makes an ideal size to fit most faces without falling loose on nose and face. The soft stretchable ear loops make larger faces feel comfortable too.
✔️ GOOD QUALITY: Premium best quality material used.
✔️ MADE IN INDIA: Hand made in India in clean, hygienic conditions.
✔️ FAST DELIVERY: Lightening fast delivery by FBA Prime.
✔️ EASY TO WASH: Gym wear material used. Easy to wash by hand or can be machine washed. Don't use harsh chemicals or hot water.
✔️ NICELY MADE: Nicely made border stitched and stretchable fabric ear loops.
EAR STRAPS: The ear loops are made from the same fabric and are stretchable and very gentle on skin.
✔️ 3D DESIGN: 3 dimensional design of the masks sits comfortably on the nose without leaving any gap for complete protection. The 3 D design takes the shape of your face to stick closely on the skin.
✔️ ALL WEATHER: All season use - perfect for hot & cold climate. Dry fit breathable material avoids excess sweat.
✔️ NO FOG ON SPECTACLES: Extremely low or no fog on spectacles due to the tight 3D fit around nose bridge.
✔️ ALL DAY USE: Keep it on all day and you will not even feel irritation on skin.
✔️ UNISEX: Universal black colour masks are ideal for men and women both.
✔️ PROTECTS AGAINST: Protects against mud, dust, pollution, pollen, pet dander etc.
✔️ BLACK MASK: Black never goes out of fashion! Fashionable protective wear to go with any attire.

Key Features -

  • ✔️ COMFORTABLE 2 LAYER - Well made 3D design mask with center stitch. 2 layers of breathable soft eco friendly natural 100% cotton cloth for all day cool breathing comfort. No excessive heat & sweat.
  • ✔️ UNISEX - White colour face mask, ideal for men & women both. 3 dimensional design sticks closely to nose & mouth. Soft, comfortable, trendy & perfect to fit an adult to cover from nose to chin.
  • ✔️ REUSABLE - Washable high quality mask. Can be hand / machine washed frequently. Size of mask is 9 inch X 5.5 Inch & fits perfectly on adult face. All season use - perfect for hot & cold climate.
  • ✔️ STRETCH FIT - Stretchable elastic ear loops of very good quality makes these masks give a good fit & is soft & comfortable on your skin. Individually packed in clean, hygienic conditions.
  • ✔️ PROTECTION - Protects against mud, dust, pollution, pollen, pet dander. Care for your face skin with Indian hand made face masks of best quality eco friendly pure cotton solar loom khadi material.

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