Basic facts about Numbers

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(1) Lucky and Unlucky Number: In numerology there are no lucky or unlucky numbers as such.What may be a lucky number for one person may not be so for another person. It all depends upon what numbers one is governed by.

(2) Odd and Even Number: Odd numbers are considered to be masculine, insoluble and of celestial nature whereas, the even numbers were considered as feminine and pertaining to earth. In numerology, there is a system of pyramid. According to the system of pyramids, a question is asked spontaneously and instantaneously which is then expressed in numbers. These numbers are added and written in shape of a pyramid. Finally, there remains asingle number. If that number is odd, it shows success; if it is even it shows failure. If the question is about a child, whether a woman would be blessed withdaughter or a son, an even number suggests a daughter and odd number indicates a son.

(3) Fear of Number 13: There are opposite views about the significance of this number. In the west, this is not lucky number. It is because this number is associated with the fact that 13 sat down to the last supper, and one of them died in a year. Accordingly to the Hindu system of prediction there are eight methods with the help of which we can predict future events. In that system, there is a significance attached to the phenomenon 'Lakshana' (omen). These eight methods are under:

  • Anga (Limbs) :- This explain the significance of the from the top of the head to the bottom of the dead.
  • Swapna(dreams) :- This method explains the interpretation of the dreams, in relation to the future.
  • swar (sound) :- This system foretells the significance of the various sounds of creatures and birds. For instance, crowing of a cock crying of a dog, noise of a lizard etc.
  • Bhomi(Attitude):- This has reference to the behaviour of a person, his gait, style of walking, sitting, talking etc. And their relation to future events.
  • Vyanjana(marks on the body):- Certain signs on the body which are since birth, such as mole, sports etc.
  • Lakshana(omen):- Winking of the eye-lids, scratching of the left hand or the right hand etc.
  • Utpath :- phenomena like earth quakes, volcans etc.
  • Anthriksha :- sky appearance of comets, circle around moon.Nature gives us warning of coming dangers. We have to understand that it is warning and try to avoid the danger.

(4) Significance of Number '0': It signifies universality, cosmopolitansim. It also stands for negation and limitation. Thus 0 means the infinitely great and the infinitely small. It means the circle of infinity and the point at the centre, the atom.

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