Crystal Gemstone Angels for Healing

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Fengshui believers and practitioners put their faith in various Fengshui products. While some cures are aimed at improving financial prosperity, others are known for strengthening love relationships. In the same way, a Fengshui Angel is meant to heal a person emotionally. These statues have the power to soothe a person who is in a state of emotional distress.

This Fengshui cure has a positive effect on the human mind. An interesting fact about such figurines is that they are made out of a variety of gemstones and each Fengshui Angel is used for a different purpose. It is very essential that a person knows about the significance of each type of Angel and chooses the one best suited for his needs.

Different Types and Uses Of A Fengshui Angel:

  • A Fengshui Angel made of Labradorite is used to nullify the effect of the negative energies related to the emotion of jealousy. If a person thinks that the reasons of his downfall are the jealous intentions of the people around him, he should take the help of this figurine.
  • A Fengshui Angel made of Tiger Eye is beneficial for increasing the concentration of a person. It has been proved to be exceptionally good for people involved in creative fields.
  • If a person is suffering from sleeping disorders or is stressed, a Fengshui Angel made of Unakite acts as a perfect source of stress relief and also helps a person to get peaceful sleep.
  • The lovely pink essence of a Fengshui Angel made of Rose Quartz is made to reinforce fidelity in a love relationship. A couple should place this figurine in their bedroom for marital bliss and a stronger romantic relationship.
  • A Carnelian Fengshui Angel is used to bring good luck for a person, either personally or professionally.
  • A Fengshui Angel made of Dalmation Jasper is perfect for healing emotional wounds and helping people to move on in life.
  • Growth in business and academic excellence is aided by the presence of a Fengshui Angel made of Fluorite.
  • If a person wants to increase his financial prosperity, a Fengshui Angel made of Green Jade is a great way of attracting wealth.
  • A Fengshui Angel made of Tibetian Turquoise is aimed at protecting his user from physical injuries.
  • If the purpose of using a Fengshui Angel is to overcome the laziness and enhance vigour in life, a figurine made of Ruby in Zoisite should be used.
  • This Fengshui cure is also a great gifting option for friends and family.

A Fengshui Angel, irrespective of the gemstone, brings emotional peace, calmness and balance into a person’s life. It can be placed in the house or a workplace of a person, depending on his personal desire.

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