Effects of Mercury in Astrology

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Astrology is a subject of effects of moving planets in solar system on the life of a person. Many a times we are too much happy and many a times in too much problems and depression. What is the reason behind the working of these forces?


To safeguard ourselves from such troubles and know its benefits and how to apply the principles of astrology in our life to get maximum benefits one should take an expert advice from a person having deep knowledge of astrology.

Mercury & decision making      

Mercury is the planet of communication and messages. It plays a very important role in our day to day life for taking the decisions. Many times we can’t take any decisions by our own so we discuss it with our friends or family members. This is due to poor mercury in the birth chart.Many a times people face huge problems due to miscommunication with someone - it is due to the poor mercury in birth chart as the person wants to say some other words and the other person takes it the other way and it causes a gap or break in relations so those who have a debilitated mercury in the horoscope may face huge problems so please check it in your Birth Chart.

Mercury & finance

Mercury is a fast moving planet and it rules over the financial status of a person. If the Planet Mercury is weak in the birth chart then the person may have to face some financial crisis or ups and downs in business it also rules over the IQ level and Intelligence. If Mercury is strong then it helps us to take quick and fast decisions in business. If mercury is placed with venus then the results are excellent.

Now a days the Importance of marketing in business is very much essential. What makes the strategy of business or any creative idea is more important. Mercury is the planet of communication. Mercury is also known as the messenger, the planet of speed of messages. Our day to day life depends upon the communication. Our professional and personal life depends upon messages, today everything is digital and depends upon communication. Some people cannot express what they want to say. This is because of mercury.  If it is not placed well in Horoscope may create bad times and problems. If one cannot communicate and express properly then he should get the mercury checked in horoscope.

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