Effects of Moon in Astrology

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Moon in Astrology rules over the emotions and happiness of a person.Moon is a fast moving planet and due to its speed it also makes a person Speedy and fast if placed in 10thhouse of a person. Many People are under the influence of moon and act according to its placement in the Horoscope.

If it is placed with Mars then it is more powerful as it makes a raj yoga named“Chandra Mangal Raj Yoga”which indicates that the native will be wealthy and will gain huge wealth in his life. Moon if placed with Rahu then this yoga will be not be good for the Native as it causes depression, stress and poor mental health.

Moon in birth chart indicates about the mother’s health and relation with the mother. Moon is a creative planet and it gives the ability of thinking very deeply on any topic. The people who are very good designers and are in a creative field like advertising agency or graphics, painting, animation have a well-placed moon in their birth chart. Moon helps a person to think very deeply and in an innovative way on any subject.

Moon makes many types of raj yoga with different planets in different houses - if placed with Mangal it makes “Chandramangalwealth yoga”, if placed with Guru Planet it makes “Gajkesari raj yoga”, if placed with Surya it makes a Negative Yoga as if placed in 6th8thor 12th house of a horoscope. Moon if placed with the Lord of 10th house it makes a person outward by nature and the person cannot sit at one place and is always in transit.

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