Evil Eye – What this means to you?

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Evil eye or “boorinazar” is a magical curse which is believed to cause any type of harm including minor health problems, financial trouble and even death to someone. Belief in evil eye has been since ancient times and across various regions and civilizations including America, West Asia, Africa, South Asia, Europe and Central Asia. To ward off negative energies caused by the evil eye various talismans or nazarsurakshakawach are used.


It is believed in many cultures and civilizations around the globe that just a jealous thought or an envious stare has the magical negative energy which can cause harm to the recipient or anyone. This harm can be mental or physical meaning this can be in the form of mental stress, financial trouble or health problems like injury, illness or even death. This is referred to as the “Evil Eye”.

Jealousy, envy, hatred, competition are inevitable in today’s materialistic life and so the evil eye is also a common phenomenon. It is not necessary that the person who is jealous deliberately casts a magical curse i.e. the person who gives evil eye may not be an evil person but just the thought or the way he / she praises the recipient and stares creates an evil eye. The evil eye are of three types. First one are unintentional, second type are people who have the intention to harm the other person. The third type is the most dreaded and evil which is the hidden ones who cast a magical spell without the knowledge of the sufferer.

Even in India, the evil eye is an old belief. As per Hinduism, the most powerful part to release energy is the eye. Therefore the long stare has the power to create evil eye. In India it is also believed that the admirable look can also cause evil eye. As per Hindu beliefs even animals are capable of casting evil eye.    

In different parts of the world different types of talismans orcures are used to ward off the evil eye. These include evil eye beads, evil eye bracelets, evil eye door hangings, evil eye wall hangings, horse shoe, accessories etc. The blue glass evil eye is the most common form of the evil eye used worldwide.

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