Feng Shui Carp Fish –Significance, Uses and Placement

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The old philosophical system of Fengshui consists of a number of elements that are a source of spiritual energy. One of the most proclaimed elements is the Fengshui carp. More commonly known as the Chinese symbol of fish, carp is said to bring financial success and marital bliss along with good luck and positive energy. A typical Fengshui carp image could consist of the Arowana fish, Koi fish or the goldfish.

Since ancient times, the symbol of fish has been synonymous with the abundance in wealth in the ancient Chinese culture. According to history, the carps attempted to swim against the powerful current of the Yellow River, in the hope that they could swim through the Dragon Gates and be transformed into a Dragon. Their treacherous journey is significant of virtues like determination, strength and courage. Plus, the fact that the carps would repeatedly jump out of water towards heaven, symbolizes the attainment of ambitions and goals.

Since that time, the carps have been connected to things like education success, financial well being and marital bliss. As a matter of fact, fish are also associated with water. Since water stands for the bringer of life and the abundance of prosperity, a Fengshui carp also portrays these virtues. An image or a statue portraying the carp brings good luck and positivity to the people around.

Beliefs related to the Fengshui Carp:

A Fengshui carp symbolizes a variety of things, though the placement and the details of the particular element brings out the actual purpose.

  • A traditional carp symbol when placed at the study desk of an individual, tends to bring educational success.
  • It is advised to people looking for financial success in their business to place 8 pieces of carp around their work desk. It is said that when the number 8 is collaborated with the age-old symbol of Chinese carp, abundance of wealth and prosperity surely follow.
  •  A symbol of carp when placed in the living room of a household dissipates the negative energy of the family and prevents arguments and tension among the members.
  • People looking for marital bliss usually place a couple of Chinese fish in their bedroom for a better and happier relationship.
  •  Apart from this, it is also recommended to place a carp around water elements, like a pond or aquarium because a combination of Chinese fish and water symbolizes the epitome of success, wealth, peace and good health.

 A Chinese carp is the symbol of hardship and will power. Fengshui followers rely greatly on this piece of tradition because it has proved to be beneficial for many. An image of carp brings in good luck and positive energy to its surroundings while calming the minds of the people around it.

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