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In the fascinating world of Fengshui, there’s a cure for everything. Right from bringing good luck to helping out in a situation of crises, Fengshui elements are present as cures for every problem. Crystals play a very important role in this ancient philosophical system. One of the most important crystal Fengshui elements is the crystal tower.

Crystals play a very important role in this ancient philosophical system. One of the most important crystal Fengshui elements is the crystal tower. This tower is shaped like a Chinese pagoda and has a wider base which narrows towards the top.

Fengshui has originated from the ancient Chinese civilization. During those days, most of the structures in China were made in the form of pagodas. These buildings mainly included temples. There is a significance to the rising number of levels in a typical pagoda. The basic significance of this specific shape of a pagoda is the focus of energy leading to the heaven above.
An interesting fact about the Chinese pagodas is that they can be of any number of levels: three, five, seven or nine. Hence, this leaded to the conception that the higher number of levels in a crystal pagoda, the better is the focus of energy and concentration. The tower is said to bring clarity in mental thoughts and life goals, which eventually leads to a better connection between the earth and heaven. These beautiful crystal towers also bring good luck and positivity to a specific place.

Significance Of Crystal Towers:
The Fengshui crystal towers stand for a lot of things.

  •  First of all, a crystal tower is the most important element for education. Some people also refer to as the education tower. It is a boon for students and their careers. This is one of the most effective cures in Fengshui when it comes to educational luck. Crystal towers are known to help distracted minds to concentrate. Hence, this tower is the perfect solution for school children whose grades are falling at an alarming rate. Another thing worthy of being mentioned here is that the placement of the crystal tower also matters. When placed in the north-east section of a child's study room, it has proved to be the most beneficial.
  • Apart from this, jade tower pagodas are known to increase financial prosperity and wealth. It is exceptionally beneficial for success in business matters and professional luck.
  •  Onyx towers are basically used for bringing in good luck and removing the bad omens from a particular place.
  • Metal towers are great for establishing a career.
  •  Rose quartz towers are perfect for love relationships as it increases compassion in hearts.
  •  Wooden towers are exemplary for medical health and longevity.

The Fengshui crystal towers are perfect for providing educational support to a student. Many people have used it and vouch for the fact that an instant upgrade has been noticed by the use of a crystal tower.

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