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The ancient Chinese philosophical system is famous for its depiction of animals. One of them is the elephant which has been a sacred animal symbol according to the Chinese culture. People all around the world have considered a Fengshui Elephant to be auspicious by placing it inside their homes.

The history of using the symbol of an elephant in an auspicious way began during the Qing Dynasty where they were used in parades during the celebration of the emperor’s birthday. Since then, it has been considered as a sacred animal according to Chinese traditions.
Even in Buddhist cultures, Lord Buddha has been depicted riding an elephant. Hence, the animal has been considered to be a symbol of wisdom and strength since a very long time.

Significance Of Fengshui Elephant:

  • A Fengshui Elephant symbolizes a number of virtues like dignity, fidelity, good fortune, intelligence, power, success and wisdom. Hence, placing a miniature Fengshui Elephant in a house positively affects the energies of the place.
  • An interesting fact about these elephants is that while many Fengshui experts believe that an elephant with its trunk upwards signifies prosperity, good luck and victory, they say that an elephant with its trunk downwards stands for longevity.
  •  It is said that placing a statue of a Fengshui Elephant around the main door of a house results in better protection of the place. Such elephants act as protectors and guardians to a place.
  • If a couple is trying to strengthen the bond between them, they should ideally take the help of a pair of Fengshui Elephants by placing them in their bedroom.
  • A statue of a mother elephant and her baby depicts the bond between a mother and her children beautifully. Hence, placing this in a child’s bedroom or study room can increase the love between the mother and the child.
  • If placed in a child’s study room or a person’s work place, a Fengshui Elephant can effectively lead to academic success and professional achievements.
  •  If a couple is suffering from fertility issues, a group of seven Fengshui Elephants is said to be the perfect cure in such a situation. It is a known fact that in the culture of Fengshui, the number seven represents children.
  •  A Fengshui Elephant should never be placed around places like a bathroom or a kitchen. It should also not be kept on the floor.
  • As per Fengshui culture, touching the elephant’s trunk before going to sleep every night can be source of happiness and good fortune in life.


Among all the animals, the elephant is considered to be a sacred depiction. Many ardent Fengshui believers say that a Fengshui Elephant has effectively cured a number of personal and professional problems in their lives. 

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