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There are many followers of Fengshui all around the world. Though this ancient philosophical system was founded centuries ago, it has gained importance in the present world. One of such fengshui element that transmits peace and good luck is the Tibetan Prayer Wheel Dharma. Prayer wheels have originated a long time ago from the Tibetan culture.

The Tibetan prayer wheels were introduced by the famous Buddhist scholar and philosopher, Nagarjuna. Nagarjuna was moved by the pain of people around him and decided to do something for them. That is when he came up with the prayer wheels. Initially, these prayer wheels were huge in size and had a number of Sanskrit mantras written all around it. According to Tibetan belief, spinning a wheel has the same effect as orally reciting the prayers.

The legacy of these magic prayer wheels was carried on by Padmasambhava, Tilopa, Narupa, Marpa and Dalai Lama. Though you will find prayer wheels of various sizes and styles in the Tibetan monastries today, the miniature and portable versions of these wheels are very popular too. They are available in the form of pendants, table-tops and hand-held pieces. One such form is the Tibetan Prayer Wheel Dharma which is used as a car dashboard!



The uses of a Tibetan Solar Prayer Wheel for Car Dashboard and Home are as follows:

  •  Being a fengshui element, this prayer wheel brings you good luck and peace.
  •   If you are someone who is stressed out by driving, a Tibetan Solar Prayer Wheel is perfect for you. This wheel will be the core of positive vibes in your car and will help you relieve stress while driving. Driving stress should not be overlooked as it could be the reason of a fatal accident.
  •  Now you can surround yourself with positive environment and blessings from God just by placing this wheel in some of the best corners of your house. The embedded solar panel uses sunlight, and as a result the wheel spins and brings you good luck.
  •  Another great point about this magic wheel is that it is very convenient to use. When compared to other dashboard products, this particular car dashboard stands out because it is easy to stick with its facility of double tape and will not fall off during a bumpy ride.
  • One more reason to love this amazing wheel is that it works with solar energy and does not need batteries. Thus, it helps saves energy and keeps you happy and safe.

All across the world, the use of the Solar Prayer Wheel was brought some of the most well known Buddhist teachers, people across the globe has benefitted from the same for years and are well known for the quick response of the Prayer Wheels.

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