Fengshui Crossing Dragon Gate

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Among the various animal forms that are considered sacred in the ancient philosophical system of Fengshui, fish or the Fengshui carp is the most proclaimed. The traditional symbol of carp could consist of the Arowana fish, Koi fish or the goldfish. However, it is the symbolization of the carp crossing dragon gate that holds most importance. As per belief, a Fengshui Crossing Dragon Gate is vital for bringing professional growth and success in a person’s life.

According to the history of Fengshui culture, the carps courageously tried to swim against the powerful current of the Yellow River, in an attempt to cross the Dragon Gate and be transformed into a Dragon. Since their journey was very inspiring, they started symbolizing virtues like determination, courage and bravery. Plus, since the main element in the story was water, a Fengshui Crossing Dragon Gate also stands for abundance of prosperity and enhancement of life. The carps would also repeatedly jump out of water towards heaven, which symbolizes the hard work towards the achievement of one’s goals and ambitions.

Placement Of Fengshui Crossing Dragon Gate:

Though the Crossing Dragon Gate is a bringer of overall prosperity, its specific placement does have a say in its fruitfulness.

  • Since the primary purpose of placing a Crossing Dragon Gate in one’s surroundings is to enhance growth in one’s career, it is understandable why Fengshui experts advise to keep it on a student’s study table, in order for academic success.
  • A businessman or salaried employee should place a Crossing Dragon Gate on his work desk. It has been observed that doing this leads to professional growth in more ways than one.
  • If this Fengshui cure is kept in those homes which already boast of water elements like a pond or an aquarium, it is recommended to place the figurine around such elements. The combination of fish and water will lead to better and faster results.
  •  If a Crossing Dragon Gate is introduced into a household, it should be placed in the central areaof the place where all the family members can easily view it. This way, everybody will benefit from the wealth aspect of their lives.
  •  Not many people are aware of the fact that a pair of carps also has a positive influence on the love life of a person. A couple can place a Crossing Dragon Gate in their bedroom to rekindle the spark in their romantic relationship.


The power of a FengshuiCrossing Dragon Gateis so strong that it can bring in positive energies into a place, no matter where it is placed. However, if the placement advice if strictly adhered to, a welcome change will be noticed in a person’s life in no time. 

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