Sri Om Aum Hindu Symbol Talisman Gift Pendant Amulet Decor Good Luck Charm Protection Interior Living Room / Decoration Showpiece & Sri Bajrang Bali Orange Flying Hanuman Car/Wall Hanging

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This combo set includes Om Gayatri Mantra wall hanging and Orange Hanuman car hanging. This Flying Hanuman car hanging made from quality plastic and thread. This car hanging décor looks divine in orange finish is believed to bring blessings and gives spiritual protection while travelling. This combo set keeps away bad omens around us and enhances harmony, peace, energy, happiness and prosperity to the home. It acts as a wealth magnet. This window hanging decoration gives a regal appeal for home decoration, window, door lucky hangings, pooja room and curtain decor etc, wherever you want to spread a divine energy and good luck. The mirror hanging gives you strength to eradicate all evil energies in the universe. This charm pendant strengthens our inner core and empowers our inner strength. This combo decor set is an ideal gift for all occasions like religious festivals, wedding, thanks giving, house warming & birthday parties and this showpiece easily attracts people's attention. The car charm comes with a rope which can be easily hung on the rear view car mirror which attracts wealth, luck & pacifies us during crucial times when we become hyper. Product colour may slightly vary due to photographic lighting sources or your monitor settings.

Key Features -

  • This combo includes - (1) Orange Flying hanuman car / wall hanging decor. Dimensions of the car hanging are - 12 cm x 10 cm x 14 cm and weighs approximately 30 grams. (2) Gayatri Mantra Yantra Wall Hanging. Dimensions of the wall hanging are - 6.5 x 0.3 x 7.5 cm and weighs approximately 22 grams.
  • Divya Mantra Flying Hanuman car hanging made from quality plastic and thread, looks divine in orange color is believed to bring blessings and gives spiritual protection while travelling.
  • The Gayatri Mantra from Rig Veda discovered by Sage Vishwamitra is a Mantra dedicated to Sun God. The recitation of this mantra is preceded by the sound "Aum/Om". 
  • The Gayatri Mantra "Om Bhur Bhuvah Swah Tat savitur Varenyam Bhargo Devasya Dhimahi Dhiyo Yonah Prachodayat" means - We meditate on that most adored Supreme Lord, the creator, whose divine light illuminates all realms (physical, mental and spiritual). May this divine light illuminate our intellect.
  • Gayatri mantra increases concentration, helps in meditation, brings prosperity, financial luck, peace, strengthens health and improves family ties.