Feng Shui Natural Gomati Chakra Healing Gem Stone Bonsai Fortune Vastu Plant Sculpture Tree; Good Luck, Wealth, Success & Prosperity; Home Office Table Decor Gift Item; 300 Crystals/Beads

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Gomati Chakra Tree is made up from a rare natural product, a form of shell stone known as Gomati chakra. It is said that Lord Vishnu in his Krishna avatar planted this tree near Gomati River in Dwarka, India to provide food and shelter to Radha (in her final years in the jungle). The tree also bore inedible fruits in shapes of Gomati Chakras, which were dearly loved by her, as they were from his Krishna. Therefore, bringing these Gomati Chakras to your home, and preserving or using it, in auspicious rituals get you the blessings of Goddess Laxmi. Not only does it help in boosting wealth, but also saves you from evil sight and heightens fame and prosperity in your lives.
It is a form of shell and is found in Gomathi River in India. One, who possesses this chakra tree - Kalpavruksh, will be blessed with money and good health. The image of Gomati Chakra resembles with the discus (sudarshan chakra) of Lord Krishna. Discus is the main weapon of Lord Krishna. As well as the Lord Shiva's Jatajutam (Decorated and combed hair like a hermit).
It is believed that it can bring good luck, Prosperity and wealth and is used in many of the spiritual and Tantric rituals as found in Hindu Scriptures. Gomati Chakra resembles the shape of Sudarshan Chakra or with Discus of the Lord Krishna. Even It is used in many of the Yantra rituals and also used in worshipping of Deities. It is believed that those who keep Gomati Chakra in the form of amulets or Yantras, it Protects and blesses with money, Good luck, Good health and prosperity.

Key Features -

  • This bonsai natural Divya Mantra Gomati chakra tree is made from approximately 300 stones. The branches are made of golden wire which can be bended in any direction to bring happiness in life. The base of the tree is wooden and decorated with natural gemstone dust.
  • Dimensions of the natural chakra healing gomati / gomti stone fortune vastu bonsai tree are: 18 cm X 7 cm X 23 cm and weighs approximately 538 grams.
  • Gomati chakra tree is kept in pooja room and worshipped to get energy from sun and is believed to give a positive effect on our body which helps to cure many internal diseases and gives us a good health.
    Worshipping Gomathi chakra Tree - Kalpavriksha is believed to bless the residents of the home with long life, good luck and prosperity.
  • In some parts of India, Gomati Chakra is worshipped on the Diwali day along with Goddess Lakshmi.
    Keeping Gomati Chakra Tree in office, home or in cash box is believed to negate financial problems and attracts fortune.
  • Place this feng shui tree as a interior divine decor in your living room, pooja ghar, office & entrance hall and experience the spiritual vibes to boost up the positive energy in mental, emotional & physical aspects

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Suneetha Chowdary
Beautiful Bonsai

I’m really happy with the purchase & the delivery was prompt.this is my first order but totally satisfied! Thanks to Divya mantra team!