Traditional Nazar Katta Mahakal Evil Eye Protector Vastu Wall Hanging Mount/Tibetan Buddhism Feng Shui Art Antique Decorative Metal Sculpture Face Mask Red

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Upgrade and protect you from evil effects with this Divya Mantra decorative wall mask. This amulet mask is made of quality metal that portraits the nazar battu mahakala who is the incarnation of shiva. The angry form of this feng shui mahakala mask is known to burn all negative energy and elements around you. Generally mahakala is worn by the tibetans to keep evil effects away and for protection. This tibetan mask idol is known as the 'god of wisdom' and the 'remover of obstacles'. This vastu wall hanging mask is the protector of Dharma and an important deity in Buddhism. He has a third eye which represents a state of enlightment or awakening to evocate the mental images and brings our deeply personal, spiritual & psychological significance. He wears a crown of five skulls representing the five wisdoms. This colorful wall mask is perfect for thanksgiving, anniversary, diwali, goodwill, friendship or any festival gifts. This hand-painted tibetan mask adds a cool fantasy accent and you can also hang it near the entrance of your house or office so that it would protect the premises. If you display this face mask hanging on the outside of main door, it is supposed to be very lucky and also protects the people living inside the house from many types of evil eyes or drishti or buri nazar. This antique style metal mask is very appealing and eye catching that is used for the beautification of your home or office. It makes a great gift for anyone looking for a new start or those who have came back from adversity.

Key Features:

  • This hand painted metallic Nepal mask is a carving of Mahakala sculpture, the chief Dharmapala & the Buddhist protector from the negative influences and represents the energies of attraction, magnetism & repulsion
  • This tribal mask is an icon, object or pattern that is mostly used in North India and Pakistan to ward-off the evil eye and adds culture & color to any room where it is displayed in
  • The wrathful expression in this hanging figurine symbolizes the use of energy to cut through powerful obstacles, it's third eye expresses the wisdom of omniscience and the five skulls signify victory over the five emotional obscuration
  • Place this temple wall hanging in front of your house that keeps negativity away from your home and fills your life with happiness & prosperity
  • This sculpture mask is an ideal gift for all occasions like religious festivals, wedding, thanks giving, house warming & birthday parties and this showpiece easily attracts people's curse attention. Dimensions: 4.3 x 1.2 x 5.3 inch