Feng Shui Colorful Carp Fish Crossing Dragon Gate

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In Feng Shui, carp fish crossing dragon gate is a symbol of determination and strength. For many centuries, the Carp has been regarded as the traditional Feng Shui fish. It is a very strong creature, and there is a tale behind this.The Feng Shui Carp is believed to bring many benefits including educational luck, enhancement of marriage quality, good fortune and luck in literary pursuits. With all these advantages, you will be able to overcome any obstacles in your way, as well as overthrow any competition. Here are some useful Feng Shui tips on the placement of this good luck symbol:

  •  If you have the useful Feng Shui features of waterfalls, aquariums or ponds already placed in your home, you can combine the Carp with these elements to bring its better effects to your family .
  • This lucky charm can be displayed anywhere in the home; wherever you choose to place it, it will bring your family joy and good fortune.