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Divya Mantra aroma candles made with 100% organic beeswax and pure essential oils, to provide well-being to the body, mind, and spirit. It’s not just a candle but holistic therapeutic care, The candle is hand-poured with love in a uniquely crafted glass jar. The soul of the candle is the 100% organic beeswax, finely braided cotton lead-free wick, and naturally extracted essential oils, which are blended together to form this divine product.

Available in 5 fragrances

Lemongrass Melody: A scent that everyone is familiar with, refreshing and uplifting, Lighting the candle can promote a sense of well-being and calm, the lemongrass essential oil after burning stimulates the senses and gives a relaxed environment. The lemongrass may help in reducing headaches and migraines. help to reduce stress and tension, help to relieve nausea, purify the air around you. Gives a sense of serendipity. Perfect placement in your office, drawing rooms, and powder room.

French Lavender: A soothing and relaxing scent, french lavender has the ability to relieve anxiety, depression, and stress. It is used also to treat headaches and insomnia. Lighting the candle can promote deep sleep and a calm environment around you. The smell helps activate the brain in such a way that it helps slow the heart rate and can help muscles relax muscles to prepare for better slow-wave sleep. Perfect for placement in your bedroom and study room.

Bulgarian Rose: A Grandiose scent from the land of roses enjoyed with your loved ones. It creates a melodic ambiance & helps in reducing stress, enhances libido and sparks romance. An invigorating aroma that fills your space with bold, sweet and floral fragrance notes, which have been found to have a calming aromatherapy effect on the senses. A great fragrance for your intimate date nights, birthdays, etc. A perfect placement for your drawing room, bedroom and powder room.

Mystic Jasmine: A splendid fragrance of fresh jasmine flower that creates an entice and sweet floral note & aromatic ambiance. It helps to reduce stress, works as a mood elevator, helps you get to sleep easier, increases positivity around. A Fragrance for every mood, and dinner nights. Perfect placement for dining room, drawing room, bedroom.

Vanilla Haze: A sweet, smooth, warm, alluring Fragrance. A fragrance to cherish and relax, one of the most loved fragrances. Lighting the candle will be reminiscent of a bakery. The fragrance help to uplift the mood and relax the mind and creates a warm and cozy ambiance, a perfect fragrance for any fragrance lover, and a foremost in your aroma list. Perfect aroma for all the cozy nights. Perfect placement for every corner of your home.

  • Comes packed in a handmade cardboard box - ideal for gifting
  • Eco-friendly
  • Pet-friendly
  • Free from toxic materials - doesn't emit any toxins, just pure aroma.
  • 45 Hours Burning Time
  • Pleasant aromatherapy experience, the fragrances of essential oils are emanated in order to stimulate the senses.
  • Pleasant fragrances have ability to change our mood — to help us feel good.
  • Aromatherapy is a curative therapy that people have, for centuries, used to gain energy, relieve stress, enhance concentration, and manage pain.
  • Lighting the candle can promote a sense of well-being and calm, as well as being a powerful anxiety and stress buster.
  • If you ever feel overwhelmed with these negative feelings, the soft candlelight and the scent of essential oils burning can center your mind and allow you to feel calmer and more relaxed.
  • It is also a chic addition to your home decor and date nights.
  • The candles should be burned for about one hour each time they are used. This allows the flame the needed time to melt the wax and helps the candle burn down evenly. It’s also important to keep the wick trimmed, as a long wick can cause the candle to smoke.
  • Remove the lid from the glass jar. Burn the candle and put it in a safe place.
  • Do not place the lid on the jar while the candle is burning.
  • Do not light up the candle near anything that can catch fire. Keep it out of reach of children and pets.

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