Feng Shui Chinese Lucky Fortune I-Ching Coin Ornaments Wealth Charm Amulet Three Bronze Metal Coins with Hole and Red Ribbon Knot for Good Money Luck, Decoration Charms Set of 3 – Golden

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Looking for vintage antique coin collection? This Divya Mantra Chinese Feng Shui Coin is the best choice for you. This spiritual set of 3 has 3 coins per set with red ribbon knot in the center hole to show the empowerment of energy in us. It will help you attract wealth, prosperity, success & all good things around you. Place this antique coin collection in your purse, wallet, cash register or even in bank locker to attract money for an enriched financial revenue status into your life. Some people believe that these coins should be kept at worship place as a divine decor also. This feng shui art of any art object or decor item can be used in your bedroom, as the energy in bedroom is directly related to the state of health, relationships as well as your general well-being. You also can put this under the rug of your main entrance door, entryway, every time you walk in or walk out the home, this i ching indicates that the wealth and good luck will always follow you. Keep these feng shui coin charms in your home, office or car to enhance the positive vibes for health and fortune. These lucky coins are used extensively in many feng shui cures and practices throughout Asia and around the world. These three coins with a red ribbon is a perfect gift to celebrate the weddings and birthdays of your family members and friends. This spiritual coin enhances the positive will power into your life and helps us to be stable in both financial & mental aspects and defuses the evil spirits. Neutralize any items with strong aggressive or violent energy with this hole coin for relaxation, sensual healing and it promotes the happiness in the family circle.  Also acts as an evil amulet protection factor. These health coins look chic in its authentic engraved style and will be a novel addition to your chinese theme party decorations, festivals, birthday party. It is a unique gift for antique lovers.

Key Features -

  • Each 3 chinese coins are tied with red ribbon & hole at center to symbolize good luck & wealth.
  • Placement: Wealth sector like purse, pocket, wallets, handbag, cash register to attract money.
  • The dimensions of each of coins with red ribbon are 1 inches in diameter with lucky text engraving.
  • This set looks chic in its authentic engraved style and will be a novel addition to your home decor.
  • Useful for chinese theme party, new year decorations. Unique gift for feng shui products collector.