Feng Shui Dragon Headed Tortoise on Wealth Bed

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This legendary symbol combines the awesome powers and attributes of the dragon and the tortoise. These are two of the most spiritually endowed creatures of Chinese symbolism. The image is that of a creature with the body of a tortoise and the head of the dragon sitting on a bed of coins and gold ingots. The coins in its mouth, signifies increased money flow. The tortoise symbolizes longevity. The dragon symbolizes success, courage and determination. That the tortoise has transformed into a dragon indicates impending good fortune in one's career and business endeavors. The base of gold ingots upon which the creature sits signifies tremendous wealth and prosperity. 

Key Features -

  • Divya Mantra Feng Shui Dragon Headed Tortoise made from finest quality polyresin and polished with gold colour features flawless finish and looks incredibly beautiful.
  • Dimensions of this showpiece are: Length 7.5cm X Breadth 6.5 cm X Height 5 cm and weighs approximately 162 grams.
  • As per Feng Shui, the Tortoise can be placed in different corners for different uses in home and office:
    1. East Sector of House - To promote good health luck and long life. To ward off the evil eye and bad intentions in the home, place the tortoise at main entrance facing outside the door.
    2. For help from sleeplessness and insomnia, place the tortoise on top of the bed. It will help in repressing bad dreams and negative emotions.
    3. North Sector of Home, office – To enhance career luck and protect from office politics.
    4. West Sector of Home – To activate descendant / family luck for a person starting a family.
  • As per Chinese mythology, a tortoise is believed to live 3 times longer than even a crane! A symbol of longevity and long healthy life as per Indian and Chinese traditions, the tortoise is a feng shui talisman of safeguard and immunity to evil intentions. 
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