Significance Of Holi

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Holi is a Hindu spring festival celebrated in the Indian subcontinent, also known as the "festival of colours”.It signifies the victory of good over evil, the arrival of spring, end of winter, and for many a festive day to meet others, play and laugh, forget and forgive, and repair broken relationships.

Holi is a symbol of the triumph of good over evil. It marks the onset of spring and is also celebrated to give thanks for a good harvest. The festival revolves around smearing colour on each others’ faces, splashing people with water by throwing water balloons at them and heartily indulging in sweet delicacies that are made this day.

Divyamantra Radha Krishna

The word ‘Holi’ itself has a deep significance and it translates into the word “hola”, which means offering prayers to gods for a good harvest. The festival has many myths and legends attached to it. One of these is the story of Hiranyakashyap, who was a demon king and wanted to be immortal. While he wanted everyone to worship him as god, his son Prahlada was a devotee of Vishnu.

Holi also celebrates the legend of Radha and Krishna which describes the extreme delight, Krishna took in applying colour on Radha and other gopis. This prank of Krishna later, became a trend and a part of the Holi festivities.

Holi celebration is a way to admire Lord and His Divine Grace, people rejoice in His praise by showering their offerings in the form of festivity and divinity. The colour and water washes all man made distinctions, based on caste, creed and other differences created in society. Holi here is spiritually enlightening. Myriads of colours of holi are just a façade, devotees get the feel of being with Krishna in the land of Krishna, immersed in His colours and love to the very core of their being. Their self getting merged with- The Higher self, losing the identity, they rejoice in the Divine bliss. The Holi celebrations transcendents into a holy ritual. Laddoo holi festivities takes place. Sweets are thrown around and spiritual songs of Radha Krishna are sung.

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