Sri Sampurna Mahalakshmi Puja Yantra Brass Chowki Home Decor Diwali Laxmi Pujan Pooja Mandir Vastu Yantram Good Luck Decoration Showpiece Lucky Wealth Items Indian Handicraft

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The Shri Sampurna Mahalakshmi Yantram Chowki is a unique combination of 4 wealth prosperity yantras set in a beautiful format that you can have with you always. Mahalakshmi, the presiding deity of wealth and prosperity will bestow the owners of this powerful yantra with all material wealth and fortune. There will be free flow of funds and no dearth of treasures in the house. It will ensure that the devotees are never short of money, fame and fortune.

Key Features -

MEANING: Yantra in sanskrit means machine, device. It is mystical SACRED GEOMETRIC ART diagram from ancient Hindu religious texts used for worship of deities, to attract specific qualities.

ENERGISED: ORIGINAL YANTRA traditionally CONSECRATED & ENERGIZED by performing pooja rituals & recital of specific mantras (Sanskrit syllables) associated with specific diety and yantra.
USES: These sacred geometry art text nazar battu talisman are made for specific purpose like chakra healing, attracting good luck, gaining success, wealth, power & protection from negativity.
PLACEMENT: Used for WORSHIP in home, temple, office, business premises. IDEAL RETURN GIFT: Very good quality brass decorative chowki make great return gifts for wedding, pooja, diwali,housewarming
COLOURS: The perfect geometric design of sacred yantra as given in traditional texts is most essential, colours are given just to add to the aesthetic appeal of yantras. Colour print may vary.