Laxmi Ganesh Saraswati Wall Decorative in Antique Copper Finish

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This beautiful Wall Decorative with images of your favourite deity- the beautiful trio of Laxmi Ganesh and Sarawati, comes in a very convenient size and shape. The sacred and religious Copper finish hanging with holy scriptures gives it a spiritual aura.

This powerful Decorative is specifically designed to protect your family and friends, you can hang it in your vehicle and invoke the divine blessings and spiritual showering of the deities.

Mother Laxmi is mother of wealth. Where as mother saraswati is Symbol of Education and Knowledge. We can gain lot of wealth from mother Laxmi.

The education will be good and we will get more ability in concentration in knowledge with help of mother saraswati.

Ganesha is symbol of happiness, prosperity and honour. The blessings will last forever in your journey or in your household with this wall decorative.

  • Divya Manta Laxmi Ganesh Saraswati Wall Decorative antique Copper Finish
  • Dimensions - 30 x 2 x 19.4 cm