Feng Shui Crystal Diamond

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Contrary to popular beliefs, the sole purpose of Fengshui elements is not to add to the décor of a certain place. These elements propagate positive energy in the lives of the people around them and brings in a pleasant atmosphere. One of such good luck elements is a Fengshui crystal diamond. It is said that this diamond if placed correctly can show instant effects on the luck of the concerned person.



Folklore says that the tradition of using a crystal diamond to emanate the abundance of wealth began in the early years of the Chinese civilization. Since then, the tradition remains unchanged and is being carried on for generations. Today, this element is extensively used for by the followers of the Fengshui philosophical system. A crystal diamond can be placed in the following ways for maximum benefits.

  • Hang a crystal diamond from the ceiling in a long hallway or the end of a steep staircase to bring positive energy in the stagnant space.
  •  Place it on a table-top in the place of work to ensure maximum wealth attraction and abundance of wealth. The diamond also signifies profitable partnerships in the concerned business.
  •  Place it in the living area of your house to prevent family quarrels as it calms the minds of the people around it.
  • Hang a crystal diamond inside the bedroom for a happy and successful romantic relationship.

 Uses of a Crystal Diamond:

There a number of uses and beliefs pertaining to this magic piece of cut diamond. We list them down as follows:

  • Being a Fengshui element, a crystal diamond fulfills the primary purpose of bringing good luck and positive energy into a particular setting.
  •  When placed in certain specific locations according to specific arrangements, this crystal diamond also ensures things like a profitable business, a successful business relationship, a peaceful family environment or a happy marriage.
  • Crystal diamonds come in a variety of colours and each colour signifies a different virtue. A green coloured crystal balances the energies, a blue coloured crystal brings wealth, prosperity and career opportunities, a yellow coloured crystal brings optimism in life and a pink coloured crystal improves a love relationship.
  •  A crystal diamond is one of the most beautiful Fengshui elements. If hung from a window, it captures sunlight and reflects a variety of colours through it, filling the room with a vibrant rainbow. Thus, as a secondary purpose, it also adds to the décor of the room where it is placed.
  •  A crystal placed on a table-top could also act as a paperweight.

A Fengshui crystal diamond is one of the most powerful resonators of positive energy. Using a crystal diamond can instantly change the outlook of a person towards life. 

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